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Walt Disney, as a child, loved carnival rides. His favorite one was the carousel.

He had waited in line to ride the carousel one night. As it began to turn, Walt realized he had picked a horse that was broken. The horse didn’t jump like the rest of the horses. He took a good look and also realized that the paint had become chipped in many places; some people had even carved their initials into it. This was not the experience he had hoped for… and it certainly wasn’t the experience he’d paid for. Little did Disney know it, but this event would be the catalyst for his dream of a magical theme park where excellence would reign. Walt’s motto became, “No chipped paint, all horses jump,” and was a challenge to each and every employee to create an experience for guests that was nothing short of excellent.

You may have seen this sign with that quote from Disney in our buildings, and wondered why it's there.

We believe in paying attention to the details. We focus on them, and put emphasis on the small, minute, seemingly trivial aspects of what it takes to be amazing. We make sure there's music when you arrive, to lighten the atmosphere (and to create privacy between tables so your conversations stay your conversations). We ensure quality product to the best of our abilities and, if we come up short, we are always dedicated to set things right in the eyes of our guests. Our guests deserve an amazing experience from the moment they walk up to the building, to well after they leave. We reach out via email to get feedback, not only to see how each person enjoyed their visit, but to see where there could potentially be areas in which we can improve. If we do not know what  we can improve upon, we will never get better.


And that brings us to you, our guests. We firmly believe in referring to those that enter our restaurants as our guests, not our "customers," as we welcome anyone and everyone to dine with us. Without you, we would not be able to continue to do what we love-- bringing amazing food, experiences, and atmospheres to Rochester, MN. Whether its pizza, burgers, burritos, fried chicken, small plates, salads, more pizza, more burgers, we put our all into everything we do. Not everyone will, love what we put out, and that's ok! We thank all of those of you that do, and we're happy to see support for our small, local, and family run businesses.


Thank you again for your support, and we hope to see you in soon!   

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