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Hot Chip Burger Bar

Est. 2015

Brittany Spears, Be Kind Rewind, “The Rachel”, Y2K, what do these all have in common? You might be thinking, “Overrated?” but that’s not the answer, all of those things are from (arguably) the best decade in the world— the 1990’s. The dream of the 90’s is alive in more than just Portland. Hot Chip Burger Bar hides a lot of funny and tongue in cheek puns and references all over the place; while some, are hiding in plain sight (RIP JTT poster from the bathroom door…) All of our burgers and menu items have a comical backstory, and a lot of thought went into our menu as a whole, even if we’re “just a burger bar.”

Special Notes

Loads of vegan options, GF friendly, milkshakes (boozy & non-boozy), full bar, arcade machines, counter-service

Voted Best Burger



Omg! Words could not express my happiness! Guilty delicious burgers! 

Jasmine C

Cool atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating. Great customer service!

Brett H

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Pizza in Ranch.JPG

North Mr. Pizza

Est. 1963

North Mr. Pizza is a nearly sixty year old establishment in Rochester, Minnesota!

Mr. Pizza began in 1963 when the Fulton family's patriarch was in the family kitchen, putting together a pizza from a box for his family. It was a little gem from Chef Boyardee, and was a life changer for the Midwest, and a life changer for the whole Fulton family. Because, while perfecting this at home, the thought came: we could make this a business...

Special Notes

Newly remodeled dining room (2022,) daily slice specials, rotational monthly pizzas, milkshakes, beer and wine

This place changed my life!

Ashley M.

Just the best pizza in Rochester hands down!

Darwin B.

When you walk in and see Savannah's warm smile and hear a friendly hello it's already made your day better!!

Bruce S.

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Boxcar Hippie

Est. 2020

Cause we make the best burritos in town, that's why!

Burritos are amazing. Yeah, it's, it's like the same thing as tacos, only different. And better.

Attention, putos! It's BURRITOS!


But soon, we'll open our physical location so you can come chill with us. Counter-service only, man. Full service is for suckers.

Special Notes

Vegan, vegetarian, and meat-eater options, counter/quick service, BIG burritos and FILLING bowls, bang for your buck

I am not sure why I waited to so long to try Boxcar Hippie. The best vegan burrito I have ever had.

Cara C.

Great food - and lots of it. Burritos are huge a and very filling.

Todd F.

Got an AMAZING burrito for lunch. It was HUGE. BEST BURRITO IN ROCHESTER

Brady S.

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